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We have no liability for any interruption or delay in access to Site, however we are always ready to assist you. We don’t accept responsibility for damage or data loss of on your PC, server or network, however we use only trusted and well tested softwares. We don’t guarantee that access to our Website will be100 % error free, however our dedicated professionals ensure the smooth operation at their best. We reserve the right to suspend access for the scheduled maintenance/update of website. We are not responsible for the failure of access to our site due to failures of links or equipments, which are beyond our control. We are in no way responsible for the failure in any courses as the assignment help is a subjective matter. We have qualified experts who try their best to solve the assignments and we are always eager to help. In matter of poor grades arising due to our services, we offer reworks but their is no refunds, what so ever as each assignment is considered a product and once delivered to student amounts for the product sold.

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Revision and Refund Policy
Payment, once received, will be considered final, and will not be refunded.
We will also give a refund if
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We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee through our free revision facility for your academic paper.
Assignment / Homework help from the Company is intended to provide you with guidance on understanding your assignment and not to replace your academic efforts designed to be part of your curriculum.
No refund will be given for reasons of grade deficiency for having submitted our homework guidance in lieu of your school or college homework.
We do not encourage and believe none of the students using our assignment / homework help will use this to be submitted for their classroom homework or any such activity that is intended to be done by you alone.

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